La Maison de la Praline

La Maison De La Praline: Visits


Max Fleurdépine is a colourful character. He invites you to discover his gourmand universe of aromas, flavours, textures and colours, the heart of Roannaise tradition. Max will show you the secrets of his creations, roasting almonds, preparing syrups in large copper cauldrons, dipping his hands into bubbling liquids. He will teach you to listen to the crackling of hot sugar...  Magical, age old gestures and techniques, skills and know-how for our delight and the pleasure of our taste buds.

At La Maison de la Praline, ladling, sieving and bagging-up are all done entirely by hand. The craftsman and artist will answer all your questions.

During your visit you will be able to taste the renowned and delicious Fleur d'épine praline brioche.

Your visit will take place in our Espace Gourmand production area, entirely dedicated to the creations of this epicurean: all sorts of pralines, surprising caramels, delicious florentines, from the famous Galets to the Charliendines, not forgetting the Syrup & Liqueur Père Fleur.